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News: 2007

November 2007

  • Rhapsody's Midnight Special “Rocky” gets 2 legs in Novice Standard Agility and 1 leg in Novice Jumpers with Weaves Agility

October 2007

  • Rhapsody's Lost in Time “Nikos” went Reserve Winners Dog to a 3 point major owner-handled.

September 2007

  • Rhapsody's Love “Lyric” earns his UD with a first place and a score of 196 in Utility B.

  • Rhapsody's Love “Lyric” went High in Trial twice, won the Open B class twice and earned 14 OTCH points

  • Rhapsody's Time Traveler “Nikos” earned his CGC at 5 months.

  • Rhapsody's Midnight Special “Rocky” earned his UKC CD in 3 straight shows

August 2007

  • Rhapsody's Infinity & Jelly Doughnuts passed her CGC at 5 months

July 2007

  • Rhapsody's Quirinal “Spock” earned his first 2 Rally Novice legs out of Novice A

  • Rhapsody's Quirinal "Spock" earned his Rally Novice title.

May 2007

  • Rhapsody's Capitoline “Isis” finished her Rally Excellent title with 2 first places

April 2007

  • Rhapsody's Capitoline “Isis” earned her first Rally Excellent leg with a first place.

  • Rhapsody's Quirinal “Spock” passes the WAC on his first try.

March 2007

  • Rhapsody's Resolution “Inder” finished his CD out of Novice B with a first place

February 2007

  • Rhapsody's Resolution “Inder” earned his first 2 CD legs with a High in Trial and a first place in Novice B.

  • Rhapsody's Midnight Special “Rocky” finished his CD and his RA

  • Rhapsody's Capitoline "Isis" finished her Rally Advanced (RA) title.

  • Rhapsody's Midnight Special "Rocky" earns his first 2 CD legs with a third place and a second place.

January 2007

  • Rhapsody's Capitoline “Isis” finishes her Rally Novice (RN) title and earns her first Rally Advanced (RA) leg